i am duckie, sometimes called caolan. i am 19. i am a georgetown uni student, and will hopefully remain so for the next 4 years. i am a poshingtonian. i am genderfluid. i use the pronouns "they," "them," "their," etc. i am pansexual, though also gray-asexual. i am an aspiring music douche and, ultimately, music therapist. i am a sex educator (which sometimes makes this blog NSFW). i am not particularly healthy in the head. i am an asshole. i am sorry. i am a social justice blogger. i am not sorry. i am genderfunkadelic. most importantly, i am a sexy lumberjack.

i try to comprehensively use content warnings, but if i miss anything or you'd like me to tag a certain type of post, please tell me and i will. i'd be real grateful if you would PLEASE tag trypophobia, body horror, images of damaged skin, and anything that includes the term "emo" (or just don't use it).

this, right here - this is my design.


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